FFXI Final Fantasy XI Walkthrough
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Walkthrough


Final Fantasy XI walkthrough shows you step by step how to accomplish any task in the least amount of time needed. An example of a walkthrough I show to solo Carbine Dobsonflies. Here is part of how to; First of all, you will need a level 40 BRD with white mage, or red mage sub job. You also need access to the area Riverne Site #A01. (You will also need at minimum, Siren Flute (I cannot stress this enough, as without this instrument you will not be able to kill any) for Requiem +2 as well as a few CHR pieces to help make sure songs land)(Fleetool comes extremely handy when doing this, as you will learn when you get used to this)


Here is an example of FFXI Walkthrough Final Fantasy XI Walkthroughs Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


This is a perl based japanese bot i've been using for some time, it has somewhat specific requirements for it's use. It runs via in game macro's, and also removes 'waste' items from your inventory, such as Rusty Leggings, subligar, buckets, pamtam kelp, and copper rings. Below is a copy of the instruction file I wrote from the original instructions (japanese, also included).


Install ActivePerl --- http://downloads.activestate.com/ActivePerl/Windows/5.6/ActivePerl-

Set Video Resolution 1280x1024 outside of the game
Run the autofishing.bat

Inside the game go to Config -> Windows and place the following settings
Reactive window sizing OFF.
Maximum lines displayed 8
Window Type 4

Set up the following macro on Alt-1 of an empty page
/equip range "Rod Name"
/equip ammo "Ammo Name"

Find a place to fish, where your rod won't break

CTRL F9 starts fishing
CTRL F12 stops fishing

Hitting F10 will start the "Suicide" portion of the macro.
Do not hit it yourself, the macro will hit it if it detects a GM message arriving.
If you do hit F10, hit F11 to stop it, or it will crash your game.

If there are any question's I'll try to answer them here. For the resolution, by outside the game I mean through the FFXI Configuration.

If your just begining to fish, I reccomend you take a glass fiber rod, and a sabiki rig and fish right by the fishing guild in Windurst till skill 18, but there are plenty of other ways to start up. Good luck ^^

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