FFXI Thieves Final Fantasy XI Thief
FFXI Thieves Final Fantasy XI Thief


Final Fantasy XI Thieves are the more unique class that has the ability to steal items and gil from the mobs he's fighting. Due to them wanting to be extra quiet to steal, the FFXI Thief must wear light armor and fast weapons in order to have the best evading rate of any other class. With their ability to evade, they have a high quickness to due as much damage as quickly as possible with relying on doing damage from a sneak attack or attacking behind the target.


Here is an example of FFXI Thieves Final Fantasy XI Thief Information submitted by our community.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


CS001x's Newbie Fishing Script

Changed the way the script works. You will now need Wyverns FFXIService installed to run it. Download the .vbs script file into your /scripts directory and make an FFXI macro such as this:

/equip Ammo "Insect Paste"
/wait 8

Adjust the /wait 8 to your needs.

It will autosort every 3rd bite, have no errors, and be 100% reliable, any problems you encounter send me a msg so it can be updated.

If you use this script while AFK you have a really good chance of getting caught and suspended, use at your own risk or learn .vbs and use my advanced script for tell detection/etc.

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