FFXI Final Fantasy XI Taru Taru
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Taru Taru


The FFXI Taru Taru are the most peculiar of the races in Vana’diel. Possessing many of the physical traits of a small child, the Taru Taru are actually many ages old due to their magical abilities within. The Taru Taru are the weakest of the classes for melee but are one of the strongest for magic. Final Fantasy XI Taru Taru are best suited to be a black mage, white mage or a red mage.


Here is an example of FFXI Taru Taru Final Fantasy XI Tarus Information submitted by our community.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


Contains Mr. Argus with NPC and PC Search, ffxipos.exe and Striderboots.exe

There is a huge chance you will get banned for using these tools. So use at your own risk.

Ok I have got a ton of mail asking all kinds of questions about how to use these programs. No one from Xunleashed is the creator, designer, coder, or have anything to do with these programs. No one here can really help you that much. Now with that being said I can tell you the basics of how to get it working and if you cannot figure it out on your own... don't bother trying to use these programs.

How it works for me: (It probably won't work for you, but who knows)

1. I use Az's Windower, don't think it matters if you are in full screen or not cause i have used it both ways.
2. I have never messed with any of my .dll files, ever.
3. These are programs and you don't need to extract them in some specific folder.
4. I use these while playing the game. I don't start them in POL or even before I start FFXI, I am pretty sure you have to be playing when you start these up.

For Strider Boots all you will get is a blank CMD screen when you run it but you will be running as if you had Strider Boots on. When you r
un NPC or PC .exe files you will get a list of mobs or NPC's around your area. Each mob will have a Mob ID beside its name, input that into Mr. Argus and when the mob pops it will auto provoke it for you (I think, only really used it once, it might spam Alt-1.).

If Az's windower does not work for you, try the Japanese Windower, if that don't work... then I got no clue how else to help you. I guess it will work for you or it won't. If you can't get it working there is quite possibly no one here that can help you get it working.

Expect to be caught and banned if you are using this and someone see's you or if you even talk about it.

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