FFXI Final Fantasy XI Summoner
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Summoner


Final Fantasy XI summon uses their magical abilities to call upon elementals from other dimensions to fight for them. However, to use these elementals, they must be defeated and their spirit transferred to the summoner. Once this is done, the summoner can command them to use their powers for their purpose and fight for the summoner.


Here is an example of FFXI Summoner Final Fantasy XI Summoners Information submitted by our community.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


Because of the nature of these updates I will NOT answer any questions to versions that are not current. There was just too much wrong with the previous versions to make an effort. In other words, download the update and try to get it working before asking questions.

Please check out the link for what's changed, discussion, error reports and comments.

Make sure you read all the steps in the readme file and all the info in the bot_variables.vbs to configure it properly before asking questions.

Very small change. I fixed a few errors with the test routes script. Nothing in the fisher itself has been changed.


Fixed an issue that was not saving the number of no catches. The function will not work properly to change characters when the current character has reached the limit set for number of not catches in a row.


Fixed a bug in changeCharacter function that was keeping the correct routes from assigning once it hit the end of routes.

Updated a color for zoning that should work for all screen sizes.


Improved the documentation to hopefully make it easiser to read and understand.

Fixed the function onNoBait to do a time check since the last time it was called. Sometimes the editedfisher2.vbs will fish too fast after it gets the message and this will make 2 calls to onNoBait which will make twice the bait. This fix should keep this from happening.


Added a small feature to allow you choose if you want to quit using a message box when a GM is found. This makes it look less suspicious.

Fixed a stupid mistake I made, that kept the bot from recording the routes. It's working now and I tested it.


Updated the call to the writeroutes function. It wasn't recording properly. It's now on a timer that writes the file once every minute give or take a few seconds.

It's come to my attention that my explanations of some of the variables was not adequate, they have been updates.

Edited the changeCharacter function to account for a person who might not want to run any routes, and instead just change characters.


Update the writeroutes function itself. Now it will record the number set for

timeTillchangeCharacter in bot_variables.

3.2 Added a timer for the check points, to keep an error from stopping the script completely.

3.1.5 Added a line to avoid breaking the fishing pole.

Fixed a few errors, that were critical.


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