FFXI Spells Final Fantasy XI Spell
FFXI Spells Final Fantasy XI Spell


Final Fantasy XI spells is what is mage when your mp is used. An almost complete list of all spells can be found in our guide section as well spells that aren’t in the game currently or are very rare. There are a variety of items and FFXI spells that are unreleased or that can't be used by players but exist in the game's data files. I'm sure all of you have seen someone shout {Utsusemi: San} in Jeuno at some point. Each of these unreleased items has an entry in the auto translator. Using the data files, you can find these spells and have lots of fun with them.


Here is an example of FFXI Spellss Final Fantasy XI Spell Information submitted by our community.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


Super easy fishing script, by bleach.

This is just a really really basic fishing script for FFXI. I disliked a lot of the otherones because they had lots of features. I also disliked how I had to change screen size,type, and colors. I extremely disliked how they often failed when I would be chatting on my linkshell and it would miss a line. This one doesn't screw up much, I've ran it for hours at a time with no problem (even in a spammy linkshell). It will hit enter when you catch a fish, but it waits a second to let you finish what you were typing Smile

You need to have WyvernX's FFXi Service for Scripting installed. You can get the plugin from the xunleashed website. This won't work without it.

It doesn't matter what resolution you run your screen at, or anything. All you need is a macro that is ctrl-0 that you would use to fish with anyway...

/equip ammo "Insect Paste"
/wait 8

Since the wait is in the macro, you should never have to modify this script, at all


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