FFXI Server Final Fantasy XI Servers
FFXI Server Final Fantasy XI Servers


Final Fantasy XI Servers are where the game is being hosted from. A list of all available server names can be found. Also, picking which server you want to start out can be found in our exploit section. FFXI server allows you to join up with your friends or pick the server of your liking without having to buy a world pass. What some players do with the FFXI is they find specific people playing on certain servers and have them obtain an invite code. With a server invite code you can then join the specific server you want and not be forced to join a random server in the game. Because when playing a MMORPG you want to always play with your friends and find people with the same game playing ideals as you or the entire gaming experience may be ruined.


Here is an example of FFXI Server Final Fantasy XI Servers Information submitted by our community.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)

This script has many examples of the advanced features, as well as a few added by myself; namely, changing zones, and characters, as well as synthing bait. Added a check for death that makes you return to the home point and switch characters.

The script will continue to loops through all the characters if you run out of bait or they all die and go back to their home points. I don't have enough knowledge or want to fix it stop logging on to characters that die or run out of bait. One of the features of switching characters is to remove suspicion from other players.

You need to read the ReadMe file included with it to make it work properly. Also you are responsible if you get banned for using this file, as well as anything else undesirable while using the file, i.e. it screws up your computer. I don't see how it could, but still I need to cover my butt.

2.0 Added and Changed features

Changes to editedFisher.vbs

Added a feature to change character when you reach your limit on 200 fish per day

Added a line of code so you won't switch characters over and over, after not being able to fish for 60 seconds

Put the checkForDeath call into the case for death, this simplifies it, removing the need to call this function over and over

Changes to synth.vbs

Update this file to account for a bug in either xunleashed or ffxi service that makes the synth not work sometimes, still needs some work, however.

Changes to AdvancedFishingBot.vbs
Added a routine that recognizes when the script has made ffxi not enter commands correctly and logs out completely. The function outLog has be changed to account for this feature.

Added a routine to adjust for errors still in the synth function.

Added a line to sort inventory and equip rods on changing characters

Added the function escapeIt and placed it in several other functions to account for some errors.
Planned Future updates

Future Changes to editedFisher.vbs

Add code that will stop all fishing up monsters for anything below large unstackable fish.

Future Changes to synth.vbs

More improvements to the synther.

Future Changes to AdvancedFishingBot.vbs

A more intelligent system, for the alternate log out.

I plan on adding a feature that will lets you restart at the point you stopped in the routes.


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