FFXI Final Fantasy XI Samurai
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Samurai


Final Fantasy XI Samurai are a unique class focusing on speed, power and strength. Using their abilities, they are the best class to use TP weapon specialties. Many players like to pick this class just for the awesome types of weapons they can yield. They are know in the game to have the some of the coolest looking weapons and armor. That and the fact they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to battle. The samurai is considered by many to be the best class.


Here is an example of FFXI Samurai Final Fantasy XI Samurais Information submitted by our community.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


' Powders Item Count functions April 21, 2005 (works with April 20th patch)
' This script you can import into your script to use the memory reading function in your scripts.
'function initItemCountFunctions // initializes the functions - must be called once to initialize
'function getItemCount() As Int //Returns the item total for that stack
'function getItemSelectAmount() As Int //Returns the amount of items that is currently selected
'function setItemSelectAmount(As Int) //Sets the value in the item amount menu Returns -1 on a out of range error
'function itemCountCleanUp //cleans up the hProcess, rememeber to call this when you wish to terminate your scripts

' These functions read the stacked item count from the selection menu (Not from the item list!), the amount selected and also can set
' the amount to be selected.

' Functions explained:
' getItemCount() - returns the max amount in the stack that can be bought or used in a crystal
' ie. if you wish to buy stone arrows you would click on buy, the item amount
' menu would open up and this function will return the max amount. In the case
' of synthing, this would return the stack amount of the item you have selected.
' getItemSelectAmount() - returns the currnent amount that you have selected to buy, or put in
' a crystal. ie, if you were in the menu buying stone arrows and you
' select 33 to buy, then run the function it would return 33. Or if you
' were synthing and had 2 items to place into a crystal it would return
' 2
' setItemSelectAmount(As Int) - sets the actual amount you wish to purchase or place into a crystal
' ie. you wish to buy 33 stone arrows, simply go to buy the arrows,
' once the menu to select how many is open call setItemSelectAmount(33)
' and it will enter 33 into that menu. Same goes for synthing stuff.
' *** Important: These memory locations are not updated until the item count menu is open ***
' *** ie. The menu that comes up when buying a stackable item from a vendor or the amount ***
' *** of an item to use in a synth. ***


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