FFXI Final Fantasy XI Mithra
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Mithra


Final Fantasy XI Mithra take their features from felines and also have many of their aspects. Having the form of a feline with tail included, they have amazing reflexes and have the highest dex of all the races. The FFXI Mithra are the second race to be more rounded, but are usually suited for classes that require a high dexterity. Many chose to pick the class of thief or ranger.


Here is an example of FFXI Mithras Final Fantasy XI Mithra Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


1.0 This is a stripped down version of XUHunt that targets based on name to prevent hangups on NPC and non mob items ...

1.1 added claimed mob passing.
smoothed out some of the movement routine.
added support for up to 10 mobs.
changed default config to run without waypoints (runs were standing).

ok i have added the following to Gold ver1

A) integrated Weapon Skills: look in fight loop of fight_target.vbs replace "Shield Break" with your desired skill

B) much better agro detection and killing : it will still have to kill its current target before moving to the agro ... but hey its better then just standing there.

C) Added poison,Dia,etc detect to reatToHeal and Rest point set at 75% health : shown below is the place to change this in beggining of restToHeal function ...
if (currentHealth < (.75 * startingHealth)) then

D) fixed Spazzmatic 3rd to 1st person cam

E) Added nested fight loop to keep the obstacle avoidance.

F) bdee bdee bdee bdats all folks.

Gold ver1.1


A) maxMobChecks to variables to keep it from not moving to next waypoint.

B) fixed a small glitch with embedded fight loop not updating TP

gold ver1.2

A) fixed a small glitch in fight loop concerning claimed mobs.


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