FFXI Maps Final Fantasy XI Map
FFXI Maps Final Fantasy XI Map


Final Fantasy XI map shows you where logging points are at, spawning area of certain mobs and items, coffers and chest points, hidden areas and hidden zones to go to other areas.  FFXI maps are easy to use and easy to understand and many maps are available for almost every area in the game. New ones are constantly are being updated and more spawn points are always added. Most players will use maps in order to find a certain area in the game they are trying to travel to. And because an average player will be forced to travel across multiple zones in the game having a map is an invaluable tool. Players actually have no created websites that do nothing but show every map in the game. This makes it all the easier for players that are actually trying to travel across the worlds in order to find specific areas and mobs to further advance their gaming experience.


Here is an example of FFXI Map Final Fantasy XI Maps Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


This program will raise your magic skill ect. it includes a GUI and some extra options including food support, multicast support, and summoner support as well as being able to write text objects on the screen.

I used Windowerhelper.dll, but i had to use another app to act as a medium between the exe and the dll; reason being; im not sure how, or if its possible, to interact with the dll directly through autoit. no memory searching is involved, however it may be in later versions. As of right now, everything is done doing simple calculations, requiring user input (everything is saved to an .ini). Its still is in early stages so its subject to change at anytime. its very lightweight and easy to set up and easy to use. no its not open source.

heres some screens: (Magic Cast and FFXISend look different in the current version)

Pic 1, Pic 2 , Pic 3 , Pic 4

Important: As of 1.2A the file no longer shows up as a virus.

Surprisingly, this was actually pretty painless; all I did was use the beta compiler and uncheck "UPX Compress .exe Stub" and change compression to "normal" XD

Heres the scan anyways. ( http://virusscan.jotti.org/ )

AntiVir - Found nothing
ArcaVir - Found nothing
Avast - Found nothing
AVG Antivirus - Found nothing
BitDefender - Found nothing
ClamAV - Found nothing
Dr.Web - Found nothing
F-Prot Antivirus - Found nothing
Fortinet - Found nothing
Kaspersky Anti-Virus - Found nothing
NOD32 - Found nothing
Norman Virus Control - Found nothing
UNA - Found nothing
VirusBuster - Found nothing
VBA32 - Found nothing

the readme contains the setup instructions.

well gl, hope you ejoy the program.

-Release 6 @ 8/26/06 - v1.2C


-Release 5 @ 8/19/06 - v1.2B

-changed some code

Known issues:
-FIXED(1.2C) the healing 1 milisecond bug.

-Release 4 @ 8/16/06 - v1.2A

-No longer shows up as a virus in virus scanners. YAY!

Known issues:
-FIXED(1.2B) A Variable is used before it has been declared.

-Release 3 @ 8/16/06 - v1.2

-added profiles
-made some changes to ffxisend
-rewrote some code

-Release 2 @ 8/10/06 - V1.1

-Fixed the control click issue
-changed the code so its much faster to get info into FFXISend.exe
-redid ffxisend.exe
-included a program (rest time finder.exe) to help you find out how long you need to rest (in extra folder)
-profiles soon to come.

-Release 1 @ 8/6/06 - V1.0

-first release
-summon mode has not been tested ingame. (never played summoner before)
-food mode is untested (ingame)
-expect some bugs

Known issues:
- FIXED(1.1) ControlClick (the clicking action used to send text/create text objects) seems to have some issues when other windows are fullscreen still testing. working on a fix ATM.


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