FFXI Macro Final Fantasy XI Macros
FFXI Macro Final Fantasy XI Macros


Final Fantasy XI Macros are used mainly for Fishing. A FFXI Macro for example is the following. A FFXI Macro that will mine for you. This FFXI Macro for mining may come with Tell detection which notifies you of a GM presence. The Final Fantasy XI Mining Macro may move to different spawn points every few seconds to mine a different area to help you increase your mining potential. With most macros since they are rather basic you do not want to run them over night or you want to find an area that is very secluded.  Macros can also be used in game for a majority of players.  You can create a simple in game macro to help you repeat certain events that you find to a degree boring.  However for the most part when someone says the word macro it is right away associated with hunting or fishing in the game.  This is because of the large amount of in game players that use macroing as a means to help them get an extra edge on the competition.  If cause macroing your account will first be warned then you will be banned the second time.  However it is now shown that there is no longer a first warning and if you are caught your account will be banned the first time.


Here is an example of FFXI Macros Final Fantasy XI Macro Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


Here is the MrArgus that I translated and has been circulating around.
This version DOES NOT require NameChanger plugin to work.


< Description >
Name: For your identification purposes. Name is up to you.
ID: 4-Digit Hex number of the NPC you want. Use NPC.exe to find ID.
Freq.: The frequency that MrArgus presses your macro. Decimals possible.
Start: Start searching for the NPC selected
Stop: Pauses the program。
Add: Adds the current Name and ID to the database (must be done before starting)
Del: Deletes the current Name and ID from the database.
Rise: How high you will jump while warping to the NPC (for avoiding hills / obsticles)
Wait(ms): The time in milliseconds MrArgus waits before running your macro
Repeat On: Makes MrArgus automatically reset itself 10 sec. after NPC pops
Warp On: Check this before starting if you want to be warped to the NPC at pop time.
To Mob: Warps you to the location of the NPC from memory.
Draw Near: Draws the NPC at your current position. Illusion only, doesn't physically move NPC.
Macro: Choose the in-game macro you wish MrArgus to press at pop detection time.
Clear: Clears the log.

< Instructions >
1.Set your desired macro in FFXI for pulling/claiming/fighting.
2.Configure MrArgus: Select an NPC from your database or Add one. Check "Warp On" or
"Repeat On" as desired. Choose Macro. Set desired Wait time and Rise values.
3.Click Start


< Description >
Start: Begins searching and listing PCs in range.
Stop: Stops the search.

< Instuctions >
1.Press Start.
2.Watch the log.


Start: Begins searching and listing NPCs in range.
Stop: Stops the search.

1.Press Start.
2.Watch the log.


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