FFXI Final Fantasy XI Hume
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Hume


The more technological of the races is the FFXI Hume. The hume are the ones that developed most of the technology that can be found all around Vana’diel. Not only technology, but they also founded the city Jueno in order to provide a place where all the kingdoms can come together for trading. Due to their characteristics, the Final Fantasy XI hume is the most well rounded race out of all the others one. Any class is suited for a Hume.


Here is an example of FFXI Humes Final Fantasy XI Hume Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


Mod edit:
NOTE: YOU ARE USING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. This program is highly detectable, don't come crying if you got banned or anything.
for more details.

It is called FleeTool and it's probably the best speed tool out there. Just don't get caught...

To use it, run a windower and play FFXI windowed. Then edit FleeTool.ini with the name of the FFXI window in your taskbar (i.e. FFXiAPP, Final Fantasy XI, etc). Then just click one of the buttons and you will see your speed changes.

It's something like this:
??? <- normal speed
???? <- slightly higher
???? <- thief's Flee speed
?????++ <- REALLY high
??????<- super high dont use it or you may be caught
?? <- exits FleeTool

enjoy, it's a great tool BUT BE CAREFUL! i'm not gonna be responsible. is this worth premium lifetime? it IS a working and easy to use flee tool.


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