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FFXI Guide Final Fantasy XI Guides


Guides available allow you to easily do certain quests, get which sub job you want, fastest alchemy guide and soloing missions which usually aren’t. Guides are always being updated with new guides to do whatever you want. Here is a small bit of the newest guide;
How do you chocobo Dig:

This is Easy. Complete the chocobo riding quest, grab a bunch some Gysahl Greens, Rent a chocobo and once your outside type /dig. That’s it, you can choco dig. Sounds simple right. WRONG!!!! This is a very hard “craft” to level. I say “Craft” since some people are dead set against accepting this as a craft but regardless, it is a skill that can be mastered.

The Basics:

Terms: Zoning: The act of changing areas
Dug up: When a zone has had all its items already dug up.
Refresh: When a zone gets new items to be dug up


Here is an example of FFXI Guides Final Fantasy XI Guide This isn't very known so I figured I would tell you guys and maybe get some points!

While using the wardrobe(v. 2) program, you can set your name flag to "LGM". It turns your name red and it looks cool, but there is a very very nice side-effect.

It allows you to run through NPCs & PCs without being stopped for 2-3 seconds to push through!

This is very helpful when doing a sky NM or dynamis with allot of people in the way of your movements.. its also GREAT for kiting mobs. You never get stuck unless you hit a landform!

Thanks for reading~
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