FFXI Final Fantasy XI Galkan
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Galkan


The Final Fantasy XI Galkans are huge creatures. They have a strength that is second to none in combat tanking. Over 600 years ago Giant ant creatures destroyed their home in the Altepa Desert. The remaining Galkanss who lived on immigrated to the city of Bastok which they now call there home. Thanks to the FFXI Galkans thier sheer mass has allowed the people of Bastok to create numerous mines. As well as help in further construction of the city. However it would seem that they have low tolerance for those of the Hume Race. The FFXI Galkans have very VERY high STR which would make them excellent for tanking. The job choice would most defiantly be along the lines of Warrior, monk, dragoon, paladin ect.. anything that can swing a heavy sword. The FFXI Galkans Defiantly do not excel in the Magic so stay away from Magic type classes.


Here is an example of FFXI Galkan Final Fantasy XI Galkans Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


It's been a while since I have updated the MrArgus stuff, so I decided to repackage all of the programs and place them in one easy to download megapack. I have also given the apps custom icons, and they look much much better.

NOTE: This MrArgus isn't a version up or anything. You still have to tweak your MrArgusGUI.ini settings to get it to work 100%. The .ini file has recent offsets in it.

For launchpad, you will need a folder called 'map' in the Launchpad folder. The program uses the same maps as FFAssist if you have any. Get the colormaps here: 



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