FFXI Final Fantasy XI Elvaan
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Elvaan


The more oriented warrior types are the Elvaan. Looking closely along the lines of an elf, the FFXI Elvaan Have pointed ears and tall and slender compared to the other races. They were the founders of and dominated the continent of Quon. However due to their pride, they quickly destroyed by themselves. Final Fantasy XI Elvaan are best suited to be a warrior or a monk.


Here is an example of FFXI Elvaan Final Fantasy XI Elvaans Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


Here is my English version of POS. I rearanged the XYZ manipulators to make a lil more sense. X is East West, Z is North South. Y is Up and Down. So i just made them say where your going basically. Fixed Y is still the button you would use to hold yourself in the air. If the Fixed XYZ buttons arent working for you, Quit and open POS again.

This should also be the place to post and share your own POS.dat files that you've made or translated. This version comes with a POS.dat file containing almost every zoneline, OP, moghouse, point of interest in most areas. You can use this to get to Sky with a lvl 1 character if you like: Sanctuary of Zitah > Ro'Maeve > Hall of the Gods > Ru'Aun Gardens

-but id suggest staying /anon. Dont blame me if you get reported for being a rank 1 lvl 9 rdm with no sub in Sky. Use common sense.

< Description >
This version DOES NOT require Azarils Namechanger plugin to work.

Region: Name of the Region, or group of waypoints
POS*: Waypoint name.
Rise: How high you jump while warping to selected waypoint.
GoTo*: Warps you to the selected waypoint.
Save: Saves your current position as a waypoint. First select a Region to
save under or type in a new one. Type a name for the waypoint in POS*,
then click Save.
Resave: Saves your current position, overriding the selected waypoint.
Save #: Records your position.
GoTo #: Returns to the
Fix XYZ: Locks X Y or Z
Go TO: Warps to the current Target.
Draw Near: Draws the target NPC at your current position. Illusion only, doesn't physically move NPC.
N,S,E,W: Moves you North, South, East, West. Use Move Power to increase/decrease the effect.
Up, Dn: Moves Up or Down. Use Move Power to increase/decrease the effect.
Move Power: Sets the movement power for N,S,E,W and Up,Dn.
Clear: Clears the log.

< Instructions >
1.Select a Region and POS from the dropdown and click GoTo* to warp to that waypoint
2.Use Save 0-5 to temp save waypoints (until you quit). Use GoTo 0-5 to warp between waypoints.
**You can also use Ctrl-F1 thru F5 to save waypoints, and then F1-F5 to return.
3.Use N,S,E,W or Up Down buttons to move around as desired.

New offsets included

UPDATE: Made version 2.0. This version is wider to accomodate the longer waypoint names and I added a little logo. Also included newest POS.dat.

12/12/05 - Updated new memlocs, added new waypoints

2/20/06 - Updated with new memlocs.

4/20/06 - Updated offsets.....smoked blunts



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