FFXI Final Fantasy XI Dragoon
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Dragoon


The most noble of classes, is the Final Fantasy XI Dragoon. Controlling the power of air and the art of controlling and slaying dragons, the dragoon is able to summon a pet dragon to fight with him and inflict damage on his enemies. Another unique ability are the FFXI Dragoons jump abilities. Using a special move, every 20 minutes the dragoon can summon a wyvern that is either offensive, healer or a mixture of the two, each with a different breath attack depending the Dragoons sub job.


Here is an example of FFXI Dragoon Final Fantasy XI Dragoons Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


>>> Introduction: First up, this does not work in *all* BCNM battles. More specifically, it will work in all (I think) mission related battles, but not the orb BCNM and KSNM battles.
More specifically, the single requirement is for the battle to have a cutscene which involves some text.

>>> What does it actually do: Basically speaking, it allows you to fight a battle against many monsters one at a time, with no need for kiting (well...it does require one player to sit out most of the battle, but that is a worthwhile sacrifice in my view). Good examples where this is very useful include the Mammet fights in CoP.

>>> How to do it:

>Take your group into the BC, but one person does not finish the cutscene. They simply don't press enter when a line of text appears in the chat-log.

>Of the remaining players who have entered, they can buff up, and then all but one of them logs out.

>The remaining player (I recommend a NIN for Mijin Gakure) runs up to the monsters, gets aggro'ed by them (NIN uses 2hr) and dies.

>The monsters then all run to attack the only other person in your group - the member who is in the cutscene.

>The monsters attempt to kill that player, but can't, because you are invincible while in CS.

>The other members log back in, raise the NIN, who invites them, and pick off the monsters 1 by 1. The person in CS can finish the CS when the last monster that was trying to kill them is dead.

>(EDIT - thx to givememoney for this) If, for some reason, you die, make sure you zone out and back in before retrying. If you don't you won't get the cutscene.

That's pretty much it. Enjoy.


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