FFXI Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight


Combing the raw strength of a warrior and the spell damage of a black mage, the Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight combines these powers to devastate their enemies. Being able to wield most weapons and wear almost all armor, they can also use the basic element magic as well and are a very strong class. One of the most famous dark nights in the Final Fantasy Series was kain. He was a player that at first started good, then turned evil, and by the end of the game came back to actually be a worthy ally saving all the characters.


Here is an example of FFXI Dark Knight Final Fantasy XI Dark Knights Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


Ok I kinda discovered this by accident.
But really, all you have to do is be the one using the band(leader). When you get to the last selection screen right before you enter the Assault, have all your party members disconnect, (I'm not sure if they are able to disband at this moment, but that might work too.) Then go into assault. Now the game thinks you are soloing assault, instead of having a party to do it. So therefor, you get ALL the assault points.

An example of this is Ilrusi Atoll lvl1 Golden Salvage Assault. Summoners can easily solo this one, but the minimum requirement is to have at least 3 people in party. Today I was doing this and right when I entered, one of my party members dced. So when I finished it, instead of the usual 1000 Assault points for 3 people, I got 1650 and other guy that didn't dced got 1500.


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