FFXI Cheat Final Fantasy XI Cheats
FFXI Cheat Final Fantasy XI Cheats


The newest cheat that is available is to equip any item regardless of race and class. This is perhaps one of the most breaking exploits that is available but will be nerfed soon. With this, all race and gender restrictions are gone now. For example, if you are an Elvaan, you can change yourself to Tarutaru and equip a Tarutaru RSE and change back. The items wont appear but the stats will still be there. Or if you are an Elvaan PLD and a hume RSE has better stats for you, you can use it.


Here is an example of FFXI Cheats Final Fantasy XI Cheat Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


This program allows you to turn any spell effectnto another of your choosing. For example, you
can use this to turn the effects of spell "Fire" to the spell "Flare II". When you cast Fire on an enemy, you will see yourself casting Flare II instead.

Please note: The program only switches the visual effects. The spells you cast will still have the same effect as normal. The change is VISUAL ONLY. Also, no one else will be able to see your changes- it is client-side only.

Currently we have White Magic, Black Magic, Ninjustsu, Blood Pacts, Weapon Skills, NPC attacks and effects, environment effects, melee / attack effects, job abilities, and more (including Bard Songs, as well as other unlisted effects) available for swapping by use of this program. Just unzip the folder and run the exe, click the "Swap Files" button, and choose the spell you want to change. Press OK, and then select the spell you want to show the effects of, then select OK. You should get the message "Files swapped succesfully." * = Weapon skills added in a list update. Please be sure to click "Update Spell List" button after downloading program.

Swap Files -> Cure -> OK -> Flare -> OK.
When you cast Cure, you will see yourself casting Flare.

When you want to change the spell back to what it was, click the Restore from Backup button. Select the spell you want to restore and click OK. Your spell will go back to normal. * Please note: after changing a spell, you MUST go through the restore process before you can change the same spell to another.

The program also has an Update function. When you click this, the latest version of the spell lists are downloaded.

Important information on backing up files: If you change a spell while in-game, all you need to do is zone to another area and the changes will take effect. This also applies to backing up spells: you must zone to another area before the spell will be restored.

Please note: I hope to have Weapon Skill effects as well as in-game environment effects such as glows, etc in the lists in the future. Please post any other effect findings here so that the lists can be updated further!!

1/16/06 SORT update: Please download this new version of the program in order to be able to keep your lists updated. If you try to update lists using the old version, you may corrupt your program. This new version allows you to sort spells and effects by type, as well as list all at once (like the origional).

1/17/06 SORT & Backup Fix update: Fixed an issue where you could lose your backup data. Please update to this version before using the program. Also please be sure to restore any back up files before updating.

2-5-06 Install Folder fix. Please restore any stored backups before updating your program. This update fixes an issue wherein you could not use the program if you did not have FINAL FANTASY XI installed in a certain location. Also the Update List window has been enhanced, displaying information about list updates.

2-6-06 Update: This update is purely a UI fix- which updates the List Updater to the finalized UI. This update does not fix any problems with the current issue of EU users sometimes not being able to use the program. We are working on this issue now. Please restore any stored backups before updating your program.

2-11-06 Regional Settings Update This update is a required update. You must update your program to this version in order to be able to use current List files. Please restore any backup spells before updating your program. With this update, all regions will be able to use the program by selecting their region or typing their custom path (please select the \FINAL FANTASY XI\ folder when setting a custom path).

2-12-06 Regional Settings (Custom Update) Please restore any stored backups before updating your program. This update is optional, however, if you do not update you will need to manually type a \ at the end of custom paths.


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