Final Fantasy XI Blue Mage FFXI Blue Mage
Final Fantasy XI Blue Mage FFXI Blue Mage


One of the newest classes added to the world of Final Fantasy XI is the FFXI Blue Mage. The blue mage is not as powerful as a black mage for example but they do have a very unique ability that can make them very powerful when the time comes. Most players agree a blue mage is along the same lines as a doppelganger. This is because they do not derive most of their powers from the simple ability of learning new spells as the game progresses via leveling up. Instead their powers are attuned to the ability of mimicking a dead opponent.

A great example is if you are in a fight with a certain monster. After the monster is dead you can wield their new found powers. So if a mob had a certain spell for example a high level fire magic. You would now be able to mimic that move of the high level fire magic. Now blue mages cant keep the same spells for all monsters they have killed. IF they had that ability they would be unstoppable. Instead it is capped on what they can learn and how many spells they can learn of selected mobs. This is done to keep them powerful but not over powered. The only problem with a blue mage is yes it is strong but compared to many other classes in the world of FFXI the blue mage is not unstoppable.


Here is an example of FFXI Blue Mage Final Fantasy XI Blue Mages Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


Here is a cool program I translated, from the makers of MrArgus. Its basically got all the features of MrArgus and POS but is in a scriptable format. Therefore you can make a script to camp a monster a specific way or simply make a script that warps between points and does other commands that you specify. The possibilities are endless.

[ Commands ]

/command Sends specified string as command Syntax:/command /wave
/end End statement Syntax:/end
/foreground Make specified window foremost Syntax:/foreground FFXiApp
/keypush Presses specified key Syntax:/keypush VK_A
/keydown Presses and holds specified key Syntax:/keydown VK_A
/keyup Releases specified key Syntax:/keyup VK_A
/log Shows specified string in the log Syntax:/log text,0
/loop Specifies frequency between loop tags Syntax:/loop 5 LOOP
/macro Executes specified macro Syntax:/macro C0
/searchnpcid Sets target ID Syntax:/searchnpcid 1
/wait Sets specified Wait time Syntax:/wait 1000
/warp Warps to specified coordinates Syntax:/warp 1.0,1.0,1.0

[ Details ]

・/keypush /keydown /keyup
Refer to the list below for the specified key code.

"," is placed at end of character string then 0 - 9

/loop Frequency Tag

/command /wave
/loop 5 LOOP

0-9 possible

Use NPC.exe to find ID
It reacts when targets X-coordinate changes, or HP goes from 0% to 100%

The location information from POS can be used (ie /warp 4.581819,-2.000000,5.914192)

[ Key Codes ]

VK_0 ~ VK_9
VK_F1 ~ VK_F12

Update: Forgot to add the FFXIFunc.dll >< whoops. Well its in there now.

Update: 2/20/06 - Updated offsets.


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