FFXI Final Fantasy XI Black Mage
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Black Mage


Final Fantasy XI Black mage use the elements to cause destruction with their mana. However, focusing more on magic for them to do damage, they lack the ability to do physical damage on their own. Also, the black mage is quite feeble compared to the more brute classes. To be most effective, the black mage usually stays in the back of a fight blasting away.


Here is an example of FFXI Black Mage Final Fantasy XI Black Mages Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


this is a guide for levels 1-25 for making money mining in the zeurn mines

you need a total of about 5 things,

1) pick axes about 3 stacks(by in bastok mines boyds shop cant remember the name right behinde the AH) or buy from AH much more exspensive
2) field gear for mining if you have the gil probably about 15k would be good for all the mining equipment just get the lvl 1 stuff not the lvl 15 stuff it's the same just different defense
3) map of zeurn mines
4)fire crystals ill explain later
5)all your inventory put in mog house so you can carry more ores as you get them, just keep your picks,mining gear,fire crystals,on you

now we are off to mining

note: macro for mining /item "Pickaxe" <t>

now as you start you want to make a routine of this for me i go one way and only one way so ill follow left and go left all the time all the corners and bends and i usually get about 10 points each full trip around, my best time is 30 itmes in 15mins. after every mining point make sure you auto sort as the picks you use dont stay stacked so every time you use you macro the pick will leave the stack so you will have 2 stacks of pickaxes and 11 pickaxes and 1 pickaxe saying you just mined once so you are taking up 4 inventory spots instead of 3.

here you will find pebbles,copper ore, tin ore,silver ore,zince ore,iron ore, and darksteel ore. if you mine up any pebbles throw them away same as tin enless you are using them for synthesis. but keep the copper as when you get 4 copper use 4 copper and a fire crystal to make a copper ingot that whcih sell pretty good compared to the copper ores, about 500gil each depending on the market, now remember ingots can be stacked so you dont have to worry about losing inventory space due to ingots just auto sort,

now you keep all your silver,zinc, and iron as they sell anywre from 300-800 depending on the market and ore, and 5k for the darksteel but very rare. when you are done you should have about 3-4 picks left most times and full inventory of ores mostly iron that sell good. now go back to bastok markets as thats where the guilds are and put what you can in the AH and rest set your bazaar for abou t50-100 gil less then AH and make a bazaar comment your prices

ex: welcome to icey's ore shop
zinc ore 350gil, iron ore 500gil, silver ore 250gil, darksteel 4.5k
copper ingots 500

just saying that these prices above are 50-100 gill less then AH or 500 for higher prices in the thousands.

and you can send a shout like i do or a emote

ex: /shout check my bazaar cheaper ores then AH <pos>

/em says check my bazaar great deals at <pos> /check <me>


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