FFXI Final Fantasy XI Beastmaster
FFXI Final Fantasy XI Beastmaster


The FFXI Beastmaster has the ability to tame the many animals that wander the wild and fight with him. With their knowledge of beasts, the Final Fantasy XI Beastmaster can increase his attack power on a certain beast.  Back in the day beastmasters had an exploit that made them very strong.  What a beastmaster could do was duplicate their beast master coins.  This exploit allowed them to become far stronger than the game intended.  Because they could easily make a profit from their coins in a variety of ways.  This exploit was quickly nerfed but not before some players where able to fully exploit it and become very rich in the process.


Here is an example of FFXI Beastmaster Final Fantasy XI Beastmasters Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


This script works much the same as XUHunt ... the main difference is that this one runs on name recognition.

all the variables that need to be edited are in hunter_variables.vbs

as for changing your fight routine you can lookup the XUHunt newbie guide on www.XUnleashed.com for tips on
how to customize it to fit your character ... the fight section is still called fight_target.vbs

now as far as running this script goes ...
A) you must be in 3rd person view when you start the script
B) auto sort your inventory once to make sure cursor memory is on Auto
C) use compact keyboard setting in config
D) Set the names of the mobs you want to hunt in hunter_variables.vbs under mobName and mobName2 etc..
E) use the getLocation script from XUHunt for getting coordinates for your PatrolPoints ... by default the script will run were you stand
F) I visit the site fairly often so if you run across a glitch or bug post up so i can try to fix it ...
I DO NOT GAURANTEE THIS SCRIPT IN ANY WAY ... but that said i will try to help you if you have problems.
G) enjoy!

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