FFXI Bards Final Fantasy XI Bard
FFXI Bards Final Fantasy XI Bard


Using the power of song, the FFXI bard is one of the most useful classes. With the power of song, the bard is able to buff the party members ranging from mana regen to health regen or speeding up their speed. Besides buffing, the bard can debuff enemies and make them vulnerable. The bard has the most skills and thus, the most rewarding to master.


Here is an example of FFXI Bard Final Fantasy XI Bards Information submitted by our community in the past.  (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)


Editting FFXI's memory, I

Programs needed:
Artmoney or Tsearch
FFACT(shows X Y Z pos so you are able to find address
A ffxi windower(ffxi.archbell.com)

1. Start up ffxi windowed
2. Start ffact, and memory editor
3. go to the try icon of ffact ans right click and select "debug" and "always on top"

4. We are going to edit the Status value. When you are just standing your status is 0, engaged=1, sit=33, 6=chocobo(I think bear with me I can't check >< ffact site is down. ) Since we know these values we don't need ffact to do this.
5. Sit down in ffxi. Go to your mem editor, select FFXiApp(now qurclpp, or pol.exe) as the process you want to edit, click new search. Search 4byte addresses for 33.
6. Stand up and filter search for 0, then engage something and filter for 1, and repeat until you get the address narrowed down do one.
7. You can now edit it to the chocobo status value and you will be on a chocobo.

Float: Change your Z pos so you are floating above land. You can only do this in an area where there are flat surfaces(north sandoria)

4. Look in the ffact debug window for the z value. If it is a whole number(1,2,3) enter it. Go to your mem editor, select FFXiApp(now qurclpp, or pol.exe) as the process you want to edit, click new search. Search float addresses for the Z value you are at. If it is not a whole number you have to fand an area that is at a whole number.
5. Move to another area that has a z value that is a whole number. Then filter it with that number.
6. Keep moving back and forth from those 2 positions and filter each time.
7. When you narrowed it down to about 10 those are what the game changes along iwith your z. Now we have to find what vaddresses we need to change to float. Go to a high place where you can step down ward. Freeze all the values except one, then walk down if your floating you don't need that value, keep eleminating addresses that you don't need to set to float. You should end with 2 addresses left. You can change freeze those and set the values to -10 from where you are and you will float.

Teleport: Basically just doing floating but finding x, y, and z and editing them

4. see step 4 of floating except apply it to find the x value and y value too


8. When you find the addresses they will change if you zone or restart ffxi, so you have to follow the guide to find the address again each time you zone or restart, or you can try to stop them from changing by finding the address they point to and just adding the ffxi base address to it each time you play

this is somthing my friend e-mailed to me the other day don't know if it's on here yet or not but searched didn't see the same

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