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Final Fantasy XI Cheats Guides Exploits FFXI Macros Hacks Secrets and MORE!

Final Fantasy XI Cheats FFXI ExploitsFinal Fantasy XI is one of the most popular MMORPG in the world. With a user base in the millions it is declared the most profitable game ever created by square soft. The story of FFXI is a brand new adventure and does not dwell of of any of the previous story lines. However they have kept some major things in there.

One is some of the races. The ever popular mog race still resides in the game and you actually obtain your very own mog storage area. As well they have kept in some of the fan favorite monsters. Such as leviathan or Bahamut. These creatures are sure to keep many players very content with them sticking to the lore.


FFXI has already released multiple expansions giving players new things such as special classes and new areas to venture out to. If you love the FFXI series or are an avid player of MMORPGs then Final Fantasy XI is a game you cant miss.

Final Fantasy XI Cheats and Exploits!

For any player that wants an edge in Final Fantasy XI cheats are it for you. With a single cheat you can change your character from sub par to amazing. A cheat in final fantasy XI can give you a wide range of ability. From extra gil via a dupe to merely being able to forcing where a mob is going to spawn cheats are what players in FFXI want.


One of the most famous cheats of the day for FFXI was one that allowed you to duplicate items in your mog house. This cheat would have a player use their storage unit in the mog house and in turn exploit that flaw to allow them to duplicate any item they wanted. It took the devs a few months to finally realize what was going on. They in turn banned thousands of account but the damage was down already. In turn a few select players that first knew about this cheat had created a wealth that no player to this day has ever seen. The players had their accounts banned but they already moved their gil around until it was nearly untraceable. Now this cheat has been long nerfed but it is a great example of just what players can do with knowing how to cheat in FFXI.

Final Fantasy XI Cheats FFXI Exploits


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We only put Final Fantasy XI Working items in our FFXI confirmed sections. 

Final Fantasy XI Guides and Secrets!


Lets say you have just entered the world of van diel and you have no clue what you are going to do now. That is when a FFXI guide comes in handy. Guides can be a variety of things. One could merely show you how to level your character all the way to the current max level cap. Another might show you everything you need to know about your mog house. Such as knowing tricks to more easily transfer items to your house.

A guide can also be a collection of information on spells, monsters, and areas in the game. You might know areas to camp the best mobs in the game. Or know which elementals to use against which monsters to help you kill them. A guide is just a way to help players in the game achieve an even better stance in the world of Final Fantasy XI


We have tens of thousands of Final Fantasy XI guides.  Yes you heard right TENS OF THOUSANDS. We have tons of different ways for players to actually hit the level faster than anything out there.

Final Fantasy XI Guides FFXI Secrets


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- FFXI Guides - Ultimate Guide To Chocobo Raising
- FFXI Guides - Beginner\'s Pankration Guide
- FFXI Guides - Guide to correctly setting up / using XI fish
- FFXI Guides - Easy Gil - 100k a Day - New Way
- FFXI Guides - Low-Midlevel guide to easy money


Final Fantasy XI Bots and Hacks!

The most widely used thing in FFXI is bots and programs. Some of the most popular programs to use with FFXI is using window programs and then in conjunction with those using different types of botting programs. For example a widely use program in FFXI is the Xunleashed Fishing Bot. With this fishing bot a player can now fishing while they are sleeping or merely use it to just fish and eat some food on the side.


Another famously used bot would be the Nmalert program. What this does is whenever a special mob you are hunting pops up in a zone you will be alerted to it right away. This will help in allowing you to more easily find that mob and kill them thus getting the most prized loot.


An old hack that used to be widely used was a teleportation program. This program was used by players frequently for about the first 2 years of the FFXI game span. However Square soft eventually took a very strict policy on this and they banned thousands of accounts for doing it. Now it is almost impossible to use teleportation programs without being banned.



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Create your own FFXI Bots, FFXI Macros, and FFXI Programs Easily!


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Or better yet want a buy and sell FFXI bot?  Well edit an existing Final Fantasy XI bot.

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